Key Features

  • Common Operating Platform (COP) for All Devices
  • Total Situational Awareness In A Single View
  • Manual and Automated Work-flow
  • Mass Notification and Dispatch
  • Open Architecture and Software Development
  • Active Directory Support Kit
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Recording

What is PSIM?

Physical Security Information Management (“PSIM”) is an enterprise level software management platform, which collects information from multiple unconnected disparate subsystems and controls them from a single user interface. Based upon predefined user criteria the software correlates events using automated workflow processes providing appropriate and timely response.


What is Beyond PSIM™?

BeyondPSIM™ by Aventura Technologies extends the capabilities of conventional PSIM solutions by including a host of tools which go beyond security, addressing first response, safety and facilities maintenance and management. The primary functionality, which is at the heart of BeyondPSIM™ is collection, analysis, verification, respond, resolution, reporting and audit trails.